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Statistics for Work and Life

Internet Activity

Surfing the Internet during work hours on non-work related sites.

  • 27% - claim they spend 30 to 60 minutes per day
  • 25% - claim they spend 10 to 30 minutes per day
  • 12% - claim they spend 1 to 2 hours per day
  • 13% - claim they spend more than 2 hours per day
(Vault.com, September 2000)
Internet Activity


Email Activity for College Students on a Weekly basis

  • 26% - Checking, reading and sending emails
  • 26% - Text Messaging
  • 15% - Watching TV
  • 11% - Talking on the phone
  • 9% - Visiting social networking sites
  • 7% - Reading Magazines
  • 6% - Visiting websites other than social networks

(Pace University's Lubin School of Business IDM Lab, 10/20/2009)

Social Media

Social media adoption by Small Businesses jumped from 12% to 24% in 2009.

Of 500 Samll Business owners, 22% made a profit from social media outlets, 53% broke even, adn 19% lost money in 2009.

CIOs were polled on company policy regarding use of social networking.

  • 54% - strictly prohibit all use
  • 19% -permit site visits for business purposes only
  • 16% - allow limited personal use
  • 10% - do not place any controls on personal use

(Robert Half Technology, 10/6/2009)

Social Media
Time Management

How Employees Spend Their Time

Time Spent In Meetings per Week:

  • 8.5 hours - Employees
  • 10.5 hours - Middle Management
  • 12 hours - Top Executives

(USA Today, March 19, 2002)

Did You Know


Business travel accounts for approximately 5.1 hours per week, on average.

(Pace Productivity Inc.)

Waiting for their computers:

Office workers "fuss" with their machines an average of 5.1 hours each week, waiting for software programs to run or for help to arrive, with double-checking printouts for accuracy and format following as a close second.

(SBT Accounting System)

Travel and Computer

During Our Lifetime

During our lifetime, it has been shown that we spend:

  • 23 years sleeping
  • 19 years working
  • 9 years on Leisure Activities
  • 7 years Traveling
  • 6 years eating
  • 3 years being sick
  • 2 years on Personal Hygiene
  • 1 year on Religious Activities

(Paul Rice, Time Source)

Work/Life Balance

A study on the importance that workers and human resource departments place on work/life balance initiatives. The study's results show that workers place a higher value on work/life balance benefits than their human resource departments.

Workers point of view:

  • 89% of employees believe that work/life balance programs, such as flextime and telecommuting are important when evaluating a new job
  • More than 75% of workers believe that work/life balance initiatives result in more loyal and efficient employees
  • 29% of workers view their employer’s work/life balance initiatives as good or excellent

The HR Point of View:

  • 50% of HR professionals believe that work/life balance initiatives to be important for their company
  • 61% of HR professionals believe there will be more employer-provided work/life balance initiatives in 5 years
  • 56% of HR professionals believe that general work/life balance will improve in future
  • 60% of workers say that they spend too much time working

(Canadian Concierge)

Work Life Balance